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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Fargo Online


The Fargo Public Schools system operates fifteen elementary schools, three middle schools, two high schools (Fargo North High School and Fargo South High School), and an alternative high school (Woodrow Wilson). South Fargo ninth graders are temporarily going to South Campus II (former Agassiz Middle School) until another new high school is built in South Fargo. The West Fargo Public Schools system serves much of the southwest part of the city.
Fargo is also home to six parochial schools, including two private high schools (Oak Grove Lutheran School and Shanley High School).

Higher education
Fargo is home to North Dakota State University (NDSU) which has over 12,500 students. NDSU was founded in 1890 primarily as an agricultural school, but has since branched out to cover many other fields of study. NDSU is also a major research institute. Together, NDSU and the University of North Dakota make up the Red River Valley Research Corridor.
Fargo is also home to several private institutions, including Aakers Business College, a branch location of the University of Mary, and Masters Baptist College operated by Fargo Baptist Church.
Elementary schools
Bennett Elementary School
Centennial Elementary School
Clara Barton Elementary School
Hawthorne Elementary School
Horace Mann Elementary School
Jefferson Elementary School
Kennedy Elementary School
Lewis and Clark Elementary School
Lincoln Elementary School
Longfellow Elementary School
Madison Elementary School
McKinley Elementary School
Roosevelt Elementary School
Washington Elementary School

Middle schools
Ben Franklin Middle School
Carl Ben Eielson Middle School
Discovery Middle School

High schools
Fargo North High School
Fargo South High School
South Campus II (ninth graders from South Fargo attend this school)
Woodrow Wilson High School (alternative high school)

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